Friday, 30 March 2012

How do I know I am Pregnant?

To get a pregnant is a dream of every woman. Pregnancy changes life of woman. Woman experiences great feeling during pregnancy. It is very essential to know about pregnancy in early stage to start tender care. Experienced mother or woman when she gets pregnant for the second time can easily identified her pregnancy, but many women who get pregnant for the first time may not know easily about her pregnancy. There are many signs or tips that can help you to confirm with you that you are pregnant or not.

Important Information to Identify Pregnancy Symptoms

When you missed your period

- When your periods stop, it becomes first symptoms of pregnancy. In addition, if you feel swollen on breasts, itchy sensation around the nipples. Missing period is considered most trustworthy symptoms of pregnancy. If your period is not regular, then home pregnancy test is more advisable. It is very easy to perform and reliable. Read More...

What should I eat during pregnancy?

Schedule your Diet during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important period for mother and unborn baby. This is the time that you need to take more care of your health and diet for your baby. You need to make sure that you are taking sufficient vitamins and nutrients for growth of your baby. Diet with fresh fruits and green vegetables are always recommended as healthy diet. 

Frequently asked questions for diet of Pregnant Woman

How many times pregnant woman should eat?

While you are pregnant, you do not eat for two people said by elderly relative. Your baby gets food from the umbilical cord; therefore, you need good nutrients in your diet for healthy growth of your baby. If you take foods without any vitamins, it impacts on your baby’s health. Make healthy diet plan under guidance of your doctor by considering your physical strength.
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Gift Ideas for the Newborn Baby in India

What can be the choices of baby gift available in India?

A birth of a baby is one of the most beautiful and most precious occasions that can be joyously awaited by a family. The would-be parents wait with lots of enthusiasm. And once the baby is born, welcoming the newborn in the home is a very special event that calls for sharing your joy with others. In an effort to share the happiness of the family having a new-born and to convey their best wishes to the parents, people usually like to give gifts for the baby.

If you have been invited to a baby shower and you are in a dilemma about what gift you might choose for a new born in your family or of a friend, then, read on for some ideas. Your gift to the new-born will show your love and adoration for the baby. So, you would definitely like to give a treasured gift. First try to decide, which type of gift you would like to present, a practical and useful gift, or a gift that is truly unique.

Probably you would like to select a gift that is unique and at the same time, useful, or may be, entertaining for the child. While choosing a baby gift, most people wants to make sure that it will be useful for the parents as well help them raising the baby. Read More..

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

How to Be a Good Mother for a Newborn Baby?

For most mothers, pregnancy is just the onset of being a parent and thus during that period of pregnancy, mothers are supposed to be able to start tuning their thoughts and emotions to accept the great role ahead of them so that sudden happenings does not come to them.

However, the baby’s awareness and the mother’s desire to be a good mother become some reliable sources of energy and also stress because the two will often go together while ensuring the mother performing her roles carefully and according to the standard baby requirements.
Connect with your baby

Knowing more about babies does not make one to become a good mother as there are other factors that must connect the mother and the baby such as the mother must know when the baby starts to love her because babies often get attracted to human face at their first sight and this procedure is called attachment work for deep and lasting love. Read More...

What are the Baby Safety Products available in India?

Even before the child is born, parents begin to plan about everything to make the baby comfortable at home. As the baby arrives you pay all your attention to his/her safety, health and well being. Probably you like to keep your baby close to you, in front of your eyes and do not want him to move out of the house. Parents want to safeguard their children in all possible ways.

Most of the parents think, often mistakenly, that if their baby is inside the house, it is safe. But the truth is that even your house can be quite dangerous for your child’s safety. A gadget in your home that might catch the interest of your child can prove to be dangerous or deadly for your child.

As your new-born baby grows up, it is important to start baby-proofing your home. A child, by nature is always involved with things around the home. In modern times, homes that are adorned with fancy furniture and gadgets, parents should be particularly alert for the safety of their babies. Baby-proofing for keeping the baby safe has been a must in modern homes. It is most important to supervise your child and childproofing your home to avoid any accidents from taking place. Read More...

Is it safe to color hair with henna during pregnancy?

Henna is totally herbal, which can be applied by expecting mothers without any doubt, or hesitation. In fact it has been recommended by doctors and experts as well. Coloring hair with henna is far better than using synthetic chemicals.

Henna with chemical compound:

There are black henna available in the market, which contains the chemical compound called “para-phenylenediamine, it’s basically a chemical dye. As such there are no such evidences which say, chemical dyes are harmful, but many choose to stay away from it. Black henna, with INDIGO, is advisable to purchase.

One must carefully purchase henna, reading the content and most importantly the brand.

Uses of henna:

Any auspicious occasion without henna, is incomplete. Mainly, during marriage ceremonies, baby showers, and in all most every occasion, it is considered important.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Tips to avoid teen pregnancy

For any teenager girl or boy, parents should always keep watch on all the activities, habits, and friends. Teenage is very subtle period for all children and therefore, as a responsible parent you should take tender care and love your daughter to protect her from any wrong-doing such as falling in love with a wrong person and teen pregnancy. Teenagers are very crazy at this age and they blindly follow their liking personalities or fast friends in school or college group. Parent should keep close relationship with their teenage children to understand their attitude and likings. Friendly behavior with your teenager prevents them from doing any wrong activities outside home.

Care Your Children to Protect them from Teen Pregnancy

- Today, television and movie badly affects young ones mind about sex and violence in which sex lures teenagers the most. Due to lack of knowledge about sex, they sometimes create difficulties for parents by keeping sexual relationship with their loved ones in teen age. You should discuss with your child about sex and explain to her all about sex that how badly it affects if you get pregnant in this age. It is dangerous for life of teenage girl and unborn baby as well. You should explain her that sex is good after marriage only and before marriage it just creates lots of problems for life of girl in Indian culture. In addition teenage sex also spoils career of your child. Read More

Child Development Stages

How to make your life ready for a baby in India

Bring Home Happiness - Prepared Yourself for a Baby

After marriage, every couple and also other member of family wait for arrival of new member in their family i.e. new born baby. It is depending on personal choice of a couple that they are really ready to start family. If you are looking to start family and want a baby, then you must be familiar with some important guidelines that help you for both of you and your baby that you are looking for.

Healthy Parents, Healthy Baby

To conceive healthy baby, parents must keep watch on their health, especially mother. There are many important things to consider if you are planning for a baby as under. Read More.

Baby Names, Baby Names, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian Boys and Girls Names

Baby Names By Religion :

Dhan(Bh, Dh, F) Dhan Rashi Boys Names Dhan Rashi Girls Names
Kanya(P, Th, Ana) Kanya Rashi Boys Names Kanya Rashi Girls Names
Kark(D, H) Kark Rashi Boys Names Kark Rashi Girls Names
Kumbh(G, S, Sh) Kumbh Rashi Boys Names Kumbh Rashi Girls Names
Makar(Kh, J) Makar Rashi Boys Names Makar Rashi Girls Names
Meen(D, Ch, Z, Th) Meen Rashi Boys Names Meen Rashi Girls Names
Mesh(A, L, I) Mesh Rashi Boys Names Mesh Rashi Girls Names
Mithun(K, Ch, Gh) Mithun Rashi Boys Names Mithun Rashi Girls Names
Sinh(M, T) Sinh Rashi Boys Names Sinh Rashi Girls Names
Tula(R, T) Tula Rashi Boys Names Tula Rashi Girls Names
Vrushabh(B, V, U) Vrushabh Rashi Boys Names Vrushabh Rashi Girls Names
Vrushik(N, Y) Vrushik Rashi Boys Names Vrushik Rashi Girls Names

Baby Names By Religion :

Hindu Hindu Boys Names Hindu Girls Names
Sikh Sikh Boys Names Sikh Girls Names
Muslim Muslim Boys Names Muslim Girls Names
Christian Christian Boys Names Christian Girls Names