Thursday, 11 August 2011

How to make your life ready for a baby in India

Bring Home Happiness - Prepared Yourself for a Baby

After marriage, every couple and also other member of family wait for arrival of new member in their family i.e. new born baby. It is depending on personal choice of a couple that they are really ready to start family. If you are looking to start family and want a baby, then you must be familiar with some important guidelines that help you for both of you and your baby that you are looking for.

Healthy Parents, Healthy Baby

To conceive healthy baby, parents must keep watch on their health, especially mother. There are many important things to consider if you are planning for a baby as under.

Things to Consider

Healthy Diet
  • Nutrition is very essential in your every day diet
  • You need to improve your diet by balancing your diet of minimum three meals daily. It is also essential to include minimum five green vegetables or citrus fruits which provide good vitamins and fiber in your meal.
  • For healthy pregnancy calcium, iron and folic acid are the most vital nutrients to keep you healthy during pregnancy. A multivitamin dose prescribes by your doctor also beneficial.
  • Starchy foods like Potatoes, cereals; fish, lean meat, whole grain, nuts contain protein, dairy food for calcium including milk and yoghurt.
Don’t use Contraception
  • Some methods of contraception can affect to get pregnant. It is not always, but you should be careful. Mostly normal fertility level and period return very swiftly in woman. If you are planning for a baby, then stop using contraceptive pill, remove any contraceptive implant or coil, or other method for birth control.
Balance your Weight
  • If you are overweight or underweight, you need to concern about your weight because it impacts on health of your baby. If you are overweight you need to take balance diet with minimum fat and great amount of fibre in your meal. Balance diet and regular exercise as guided by your consulting gynecologist is the best for overweight mother.
  • If you are underweight, then you should be careful to prevent from any miscarriage problem or conceive low-weight baby. In such case you should eat healthy meal as mention above to increase your weight.
  • Regular exercise is very helpful for healthy mother under guidance of your consultant gynecologist.
  • Walk in pollution free atmosphere like garden, park.
  • Avoid yourself away from hazardous atmosphere around your workplace if any. In such case you need to take some advice of your doctor.
Avoid Drinking and Smoking
  • Drinking and smoking dangerously affect on your baby’s health. It increased chances for miscarriage, premature delivery or undeveloped baby.  Avoid drinking, smoking and taking any drugs during pregnancy for healthy baby.
Use of Folic Acid – Very Essential
  • Folic acid contain Vitamin B is the most important vitamin supplement for pregnant woman. It prevents your baby from any neural tube defects. You need to start taking folic acid immediately [from the first day] when you know about your pregnancy. You can also get good source of folic acid from green vegetables, fruits with fibre, etc.
Family Medical History
  • You should consult your gynecologist and discuss with them everything about your medical history. If you are suffering from any disease or diabetic patient, it is essential to take guidance of your consultant. You should also discuss medical history of your family like if any member in your family are suffering from severe disease or have any genetic problem.
Responsibilities as Parent

When you plan a baby to bring him or her in this world, there are many responsibilities arise for mother and father both. From a new born baby to various stages in life of your baby like kid, teenager, young child, you have to fulfill all responsibilities and also edify many things like good manners, good habits, good family time and financial supports to your child to make him/her perfect human being and responsible person. Share your responsibility as parents and try to nourish your baby carefully to provide her/him the best of the world.