Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Exercising Towards a Flat Stomach after pregnancy

Although pregnancy is the wonderful period in life for any women, during and after pregnancy period women has to suffer many ways both physically and mentally. Due to labor pain while giving birth to baby women have to suffer lot while after pregnancy they have to do many physical exercises to come back in their original shape. Large stomach is the major problems for mostly all women after pregnancy as it will take time for them to make their stomach flat. Women who need to perform many physical exercises in their routine life may find their original shape and flat stomach very soon in compare to women with no physical activities.

Right Time to Start Exercise after Pregnancy

You should not become impatience from your enlarge tummies as it takes time to obtain original figure due to various reasons. Few reasons are stretched out abdominal muscles, leftover fluids in your uterus. Your uterus will take time to shrink to its normal size. It will take three months to nine months time to obtain your normal shape.

After giving birth to baby, women should wait for minimum six weeks to start exercise in case of normal delivery. In case of cesarean delivery women should wait for minimum eight weeks to start exercises. It is advisable not to start exercise immediately or without taking advice of health consultant or your doctor. Read More...

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